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Automated Actions

This page displays the kinds of automated actions that can be performed in the Pulpstream system, and where those actions can be taken.

User Task Escalations
User Task Event Actions
Process Steps
Rule Steps
Presubmit Rule
Update Fields   Update Fields Update Fields   Update Fields  
    Update w/Decision Matrix
Update w/D. Matrix
Send Email (template) Send Email (template) Send Email


Auto Approve/Complete

  Post Message to Feed  Post Message to Feed      
Change Stage Status Change Stage Status  Change Stage Status  -N/A-  Change Stage Status  
Send SMS text to phone Send SMS text to phone


Display Error
 Display Error

Display Warning
 Display Warning

Execute Rule
Update Field
Execute Rule
Send Email
Post Message 
Change Stage Status
Attach Content
    to Field
Start Subprocess
Update Field
Execute Rule
Display Error

Execute Rule

Execute Rule

Increase Task Priority

Decrease Task Priority

Set Task Priority
Reassign Task

Release Task

Reevaluate Assignment


Send Docs for Signing

Create Record
   in a Stream

Create Smart Obj. Record

Execute Action on
   Child Data
Trigger Corrective Actions
Wait Timer

Call Subprocess

Invoke Integration

Invoke Subrule