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Process Editing

When editing a process for a rule or stream:

  1. Drag icons into the diagram to create process steps and gateways (branch points).

  2. Resize, move, or delete a step.
    • When you hover over a step, a small arrow appears in a circle.
    • Click anywhere but on the arrow-icon to drag the step to a new location.
    • Click anywhere but on the arrow-icon to select the step.
      Once selected, you can:
      • Change the step's size by dragging the display points that appear on border of the step.
      • Delete the step.

  3. Click on a step to draw an arrow from one step to the next (or to a process endpoint).
    • Hover over a step, then click and drag the arrow icon to create a new arrow.
    • A dotted red line appears to show the arrows destination.

    • When you are over a step, the destination is highlighted to show that it will become the arrows endpoint.

  4. Click on an arrow to change it's origin, shape, or destination:
    • When you click on an existing arrow, dots appear at the arrow's origin and destination, and in the middle.
    • Drag one of the dots at the end to change the arrow's origin or destination.
    • Drag the dot in the middle to change its shape.