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Groups and Group Membership

In general, a Pulpstream group models an organization's department, smaller departmental subsection, or larger organizational division. In the Groups page, the groups and their subgroups are arranged in a hierarchy that reflects the organizational hierarchy.


When a new User is added to the system, the group they belong is specified. Indeed, that value is required in order to create a User record.


When a form is submitted, and a record is created, that record is "owned" by the group the form-submitter belongs to. (The exception is a form that has a Smart Object field of type Group. When that form is submitted, the record that is created belongs to the group that was selected in that field.)


A user can access all records owned by their group, and its subgroups. Additionally:

For designers, each role in a stream definition can be mapped to a group, in addition to the various other ways to specify which users who act in a given a role.