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Working with Custom Views

A custom view is a folder that selects records to display based on criteria you specify. So instead of specifying individual records, as with bookmarks, you specify the kind of records you want to see in that folder.


Creating a Custom View

  1. Go to Your Records > Your Folders
  2. Click Create a Custom View 
  3. Supply a title.
  4. Specify a stream to select the records from,
    or choose All Streams.
  5. Specify the record filter
    • Choose a field in the record.
    • Choose a comparison operator. 
      The list of operators depends on the type of field.
    • Specify a value to compare to.
      For an enumeration field like status, which has a list of defined values,
      you can choose the in operator, and select multiple values from the list.

  6. Specify the way you want the records ordered:
    • Choose a field, and select Ascending or Descending.
    • Choose additional fields, if you wish.
      A second field sorts "within" the first. So if your first sort field is "City", and your second is "Date", then all of Boston's records appear before San Francisco's, and the records in each list are sorted by date.
  7. Click Save Changes.
    The custom view now appears in your list of folders.

​​Editing or Deleting a Custom View

  1. Go to Your Records > Your Folders
  2. ​In the list of folders, click Edit to modify the view, or click the X icon to delete it.