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CSV Files

A CSV file is a file that contains "comma-separated values". CSV files are created by export procedures, and are read by import procedures. A CSV file can be read into an Excel spreadsheet. Each line in the file becomes a new row in the spreadsheet, and each value in a line becomes a value in the cell. By convention, the first line of each CSV file contains the column headings (also known as field labels).

When created by a Pulpstream background process, multiple CSV files are generated containing, for example, records from one or more streams and records from one or more Smart Objects. Those files are placed into a .zip file which can be downloaded when the export is finished.


CSV files can be created by:

CSV files can read into Pulpstream by:

For example, here is a CSV file that contains data produced by a small report:


Zip File Structure

The structure of the generated zip file is: